To franchise or not to franchise, that is the question!

Non-medical home care agencies continue to grow in popularity due to the aging population and preference of many seniors who choose to age in [...]

Successful Habits of Entrepreneurs: Cash me in.. how bout that?

There are many savvy business owners out there who happen to lack the healthy financial habits necessary to grasp, maintain, and generate [...]

The struggle is real! Employee to Entrepreneur mindset

To be a successful entrepreneur there are a ton of things you will have to learn and keep learning. The first of all those things must be your [...]

Do you have what it takes to own a non-medical home care business?

So you have been thinking about becoming an entrepreneur? Throughout the process of researching for different business options and franchise [...]

Caring for elderly? Elder abuse and it's ugly signs!

Recent reports of elderly abuse in the news have prompted me to change gear this week and focus on this serious issue going on in our communities [...]

The Gray is Coming! Why you should consider non-medical home care..

You may not be aware of this but according to a recent housing report done by Harvard University, the number of 65+ households is projected to [...]

Who can benefit from non-medical home care services?

Non-medical home care is most beneficial to seniors, especially those who live alone or are left alone for long periods of time. Although this [...]

In-Home Care Services...What are those??

Family Feud was one of my favorite shows to watch growing up.  I like that they asked the audience what their answer would be to the questions the [...]

Silent but Deadly


Caring for elderly drivers: We all can't drive Miss Daisy!

Every day travel and routine driving can at times, be stressful in itself.  There are bus stops, morning commuters, rush hour drivers, and the [...]