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  • The struggle is real! Employee to Entrepreneur mindset

    To be a successful entrepreneur there are a ton of things you will have to learn and keep learning. The first of all those things must be your mindset. The employee vs entrepreneur mindset is not only two different ways of thinking but they're actually the total opposite. Many people struggle with running their business without changing their employee mindset, and that just does not work out well.

    Job security is one thing most people you talk to worry about. Having a job gives them peace of mind knowing when they will be receiving their money and be able to pay bills. An entrepreneur knows that a job does not necessarily equal security. You can be laid off or fired from a job for any reason, at any time. When you're a business owner, you are the one making the decisions on how much money you make depending on your amount of effort and time.

    Employees wait for their boss to tell them what needs to be done. He will tell you when to have the reports ready, who to call, what emails to check, etc. A business owner is not told what to do, she has to take it upon herself to get the job done. Being resourceful and taking initiative when it comes to overcoming obstacles is what an entrepreneur has to be.

    Changing your mindset will take some time but in order to be successful, you need 100% commitment to making the change. It definitely will not be easy and the long road ahead will be full of challenges, big and small. You need to make a decision on staying in your comfort zone of getting a regular paycheck or jump on the entrepreneurship roller coaster ride. If you're up for the challenge, the rewards can be worth all the effort and hard work.

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